Understanding Dentures

Dentures in Albuquerque NMAs replacements for missing teeth, modern-day dentures are custom-made, natural looking, and more comfortable than ever before. In turn, dentures help individuals eat and speak with confidence, while supporting the natural structure of the face. Yet, many have questions regarding dentures, including which type may be best for them. Thus, to further your understanding of dentures, let's take a look at the following:

Full Dentures

A full, complete denture consists of two parts—upper and lower. Covering the palate, the base of the upper denture is flesh-colored, or "pink." The lower denture is a horseshoe shape, allowing room for the tongue. In essence, full dentures replace all of the teeth along the dental arch, and is best for those with major tooth loss.

Full dentures can be placed immediately or after several months. As one can imagine, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. For instance, with a conventional full denture, dentists wait until gum tissues are fully healed before placing the denture. Because healing takes several months, the patient will be without teeth during this time. On the contrary, an immediate full denture may be placed right after tooth loss or extraction. In this case, patients benefit from having teeth right away. Yet, denture relining is often necessary after several months to "reshape" the denture.

Partial Dentures

If a patient needs a few teeth replaced in a row, a partial denture is often an effective option. Partial dentures are attached to adjacent teeth by a metal framework, or by crowns that have been placed on the teeth.

Which Option Is For Me?

When it comes to full versus partial dentures, it boils down to the extent of tooth loss one has experienced. Dentists are best equipped to determine which is best.

As your denture experts in Albuquerque, ABQ Dentures welcomes you to our practice. Dr. Norby, DMD and Dr. Roukema, DMD are committed to providing a positive and dignifying experience, in a comfortable atmosphere. With high quality dentures and rapid turnaround time, patients are awarded a different denture experience. Do you have questions about dentures? We are eager to speak with you! Call ABQ Dentures for your consultation today.

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